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Don’t Do These Things During Your Rajasthan Tour

Rajasthan, a culturally developed state is a must-visit destination in India. The beauty and the flourishing heritage attracts people from in and around the world every year. Like other tourist places, this also has a hospitable nature towards its guests but there are a few don’ts that could help you get closer to the locals in a safer way.

  • People of this state take their oath towards mother nature very seriously. There are temples and places dedicated to animals and plants and harming any wildlife could cost you heavily. You must be aware of harming any animals in the rural areas especially. Any mistreatment towards animals is treated harshly by the locals.


  • Most visitors think, Rajasthan is a Hindu state. Like other states in India, Rajasthan has a place for all religions and is given equal respect. It is not just the land of Rajput and Marwari but also brahmins and Maulanas. So, try not to disgrace religion in this part of the country.


  • Don’t travel alone in the way hours. The residents are, no doubt, very hospitable but traveling to the remote areas, especially if you are a woman can leave you mugged. 


  • It is always best to book a trusted cab service after comparing services and fare online. A local transport can’t be trusted completely as they may exaggerate the actual fare from the tourists. Even while booking from a company make sure you check the track record.


  • Like every other place the speech and tone of people change with the region. So, don’t get offended by the locals of eastern Rajasthan. They speak in heavy tones and mean no disrespect to their guests.


  • As mentioned before, people here take mother nature very seriously and worship it. Many people store water in a pot and worship it to remember how scarce it is. So, avoid wasting water if you are traveling to Rajasthan. They understand its worth and know the need for water conservation.


  • Being a closed society, you are expected to dress conservatively. Revealing and scanty clothes could earn you hard stares whereas, traditional attire such as kurta could take you closer to locals. 


  • While reading about Rajasthan, you may have come across a local delicacy called, Laal Maas, which is quite popular. You will be surprised to know that consuming liquor and meat is not received well in the state. Most of the residents are vegetarians. There are restaurants and places that provide non-vegetarian food exclusively, you may want to look for those.


  • While buying souvenirs, don’t buy at places close to tourist attractions. They will charge you higher than the normal value. Its’ best to ask your cab driver to take you to the local market where you can bargain and get the taste of real Rajasthan.


  • If you are visiting temples, then make sure not to click the pictures of the deity as it is a punishable offense. Even before taking the pictures of the local people, you must ask for their permission as they consider it very rude. 


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