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Things you should know before hiring tempo traveller in Jaipur


Planning on traveling to the pink city, Jaipur? If you are thinking of a group trip, then it's best to hire a tempo traveller. It, being more than 10 seaters makes it the most economical option available for traveling. Small families occasionally opt for cars but if you are going for group traveling then this could become the most entertaining journey minus chaos and less expensive. 

There are many tempo travellers available for hiring in Rajasthan that is equivalent to renting multiple taxis. They come with various amenities to make your trip a comfortable one.

1. Air-condition vehicle

2. Silent engine

3. Pushback seats

4. LED multimedia set

5. Tinted glasses in some models

6. And, Sofa sets in Maharaja traveller

This is what you may get in a luxury car but at the same price, you can book a tempo traveller for a complete group. Other than that tempo traveller is a convenient mode of transport while in Jaipur. People can be seen as people using tempo to travel within the city and outside. You can choose from 9, 12, 14, 17, and Maharaja tempos according to your necessity.

Benefits of hiring a tempo to cover Jaipur?

If you are traveling to Jaipur, then you must know about tempo that are light on your purse and gives you the best experience.

>> Best services at reasonable rates

>> Additional charges and fares are kept transparent with the client and payment is made clear before they finalize the deal. So, the client has clear idea.

>> The staff members take extra care of delivering best service to their client.

>> You can book a tempo through 24x7 online booking services.

>> The fares are calculated for per kilometre and don’t change.

 >> There are exclusive range of tempo available for you to choose from according to the requirement.

>> 24x7 customer support for the ease of the clients.

>> You can opt for English speaking drivers also.

>> Past customers 

>> Tour packages and customized packages are available as per the requirements stated by the client.

>> During duty hours, drivers done in uniform at all times.

>> Special safety measures are taken to make travellers feel safe and secure.

>> Guaranteed high quality service 

>> The local drivers are preferred as they are well versed with the roads and can perform efficiently in any circumstances.

In recent times, you can see increased use of tempo in Jaipur. They are not only convenient but are reliable when comes to overcoming adverse conditions. The spacious tempo can easily accommodate a big family and give them the experience of a lifetime. Most group tours are carried out in tempo travellers as they are budget-friendly, and one gets the taste of enjoying the tour in a group. 

New memories are made when we travel to a new place. If you get to make new friends on a journey, then it gets imprinted in our memory. The tempo travellers are one such medium to make friends and memories while unravelling the royal city of Rajasthan.


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