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You have been planning for a trip with your family for a long time now and finally got the opportunity to hold on to a Jaipur trip. This trip is no doubt hectic, and chances are high that you have to cover hundreds of kilometres to reach out from one destination to another. To make this journey super comfortable, hiring a vehicle for the entire journey is a clever task. Now, if you are traveling in a large group, then you have to rent many cars to accommodate all of your guests. Or else, you can try renting one 15-seater tempo traveller and avoid looking for any other vehicle for sure.

Its always beneficial to hire tempo traveller

The 15-seater tempo traveller is here for you to hire. It comes with its sets of advantages, making it one promising choice for you to consider. Now, you will have enough room for your legs and even to accommodate luggage of 15 people. The space that you get in a 15-seater tempo traveller in Jaipur is way bigger than what you get in a normal 9 to 12-seater one. So, if you are actually planning to invite people to come and join you in a Jaipur trip or a trip from Jaipur, you better hire these tempos first. They are getting booked easily so you better watch out for that!

Features you need to learn about

Before you invest bucks on these tempos, you better learn about the features available. The more you research, the better you will come to learn about the features. The basic features are more or less in all types of tempos but there are some additional ones available as well, with the bigger number of seats. All the seats in this tempo come with push back system. So, for all those long journeys, you can just stretch your entire body and can even go to sleep if you want to.

Get to the advanced features already

The reliable and well-maintained 15 seaters Tempo Traveller in Jaipur is not just known for the comfortable eats but also for the amazing music systems. The journey is about to turn musical as the music system, LED TV and mobile charger port to help you stay connected with the world. You have the liberty to choose between AC and non-AC tempo travellers. It is better to choose the non-ac ones during the winter months, if you really want to save some bucks.

More features that you should not miss

The seats are not just comfortable but covered well with neat and clean white seats. So, you be delighted to sit on the seats every time you board the tempo traveller. Moreover, for the internet lovers out there, you have good news. The tempo comes with Wi Fi connectivity with 3G and 4G speed compatible besides the infotainment device. Other than that, the rides come with mineral water to quench your thirst while covering some of the best Jaipur tourist hotspots. You can get help from the local guide as well, known for his good knowledge and will be part of your journey.

Ten Things that make hiring 15-seater tempo traveller worth & a money saver

  • Be Together: If you are thinking of travelling in a group or with the joint family, large groups, or 5-6 couples, friends then the traveller is the right choice for you.
  • More Space more comfort: Even the biggest passenger cars such as Innova can accommodate only 3-4 couple while in a traveller 5-6 couples can travel easily.
  • The Joy of Travelling: Tempo traveller gives you a feel of riding together, having fun during the journey and playing antrakshri during the road trip.
  • Luxury, Comfort matters a lot: Toofan and other large passenger vehicles are there but they do not offer luxury as the tempo does.
  • More space for Luggage: There is a lot of space for luggage and there is no need to mount and expose your luggage on the carrier. it is easily kept within your reach.
  • Sofa like seats: All the 9,12,15 seaters offer sofa seats which are ultimately comfortable and help you travel like Maharajas.
  • A Blessing for Aged: Tempo traveller is the best for Old age people, patients going on a journey.
  • Most Viable option: It is the best option for long journey and road trips.
  • Luxury features: Features such as full luxury seats, LED TV, charging points for the passengers are standard on all tempo travellers.
  • More Enjoyment, Less Worries: No need to pay multiple toll and parking charges as you need not pay for multiple cars as all of the passengers are in one vehicle.

extra feature
  • 15 Passengers
  • 15 Bag Capacity
  • USB/DVD Player Yes
  • Air conditioning AC
  • Car Colour White
  • Mobile Charger Yes
  • Name TEMPO 15 SEATER
  • Price Km 19.00 / Km
  • Price Day 4500.00 / Day
  • Night Charge 300.00
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