20.00 Plus Toll Tax & Parking
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The maharaja Tempo traveller is best used for group or family tours. The journey will turn out to be the most comfortable one as you will be able to hire the well-maintained maharaja tempo traveller to cover the journey. You will receive the best vehicles from us the top-notch car rental providers. Every time, after covering a trip, the vehicles will be maintained and cleaned out ell and prepared for the next big journey. So, whenever you are planning for a good travel plan, make sure to book for the tempo traveller first. These vehicles are highly in demand so you better hurry up!

Make Journeys Memorable

Your trip to Jaipur is going to be a memorable one not just for the mysterious and historical beauty of the place, but also because the journey will turn out to be a smooth one. The best thing about Jaipur is that the roads are constructed well for a smooth ride. So, investing some bucks on a tempo traveller in jaipur is the easiest and most comforting ay to enjoy those smooth roads throughout your trip. You can hire the vehicle for the number of days you plan to stay in Jaipur and pay accordingly.

Features of Maharaja Tempo Traveller

You just cannot hire the maharaja tempo traveller unless you are sure of the features you are about to enjoy with the vehicle. Be sure to create a checklist of the features, which these vehicles have in store for you, so that you can utilize the value of the traveller to its complete core. This maharaja tempo traveller comes with 10 push back seats, giving opportunity to the traveller to get a quick nap I between the journey. There will be a well functional music system with CD and DVD player, just to add a touch of music throughout the journey.

More Features

There will be mobile charging points beside every seat. So, even if your phone is out of battery, you can get it charged while on the move. The seats are made using pure form of leather, adding that cushiony feeling to your back. As you have to spend quite some time in tempo traveller in jaipur, so the seats need to be comfortable enough to prevent any form of back pain at the end of our journey. To top it all, there will be ample leg space, which is why the traveller is called a maharaja one. You will feel as luxurious as you can get while traveling in this tempo.

Modern Features, Comfort ride

Sometimes, the journey can turn out to be quite boring. At this point, you can turn on the color LED screen and watch a movie. These tempos are available in AC and non-AC versions. So, you get to choose whichever one you want.  For preventive and safety measures, each tempo will have separate ice box and first aid box. Other than that, you will have a friendly driver by your side all the way.

Ten Reasons that make hiring 10-seater tempo traveller the wise decision

  • Feeling of Togetherness: Travelling in a group is fun but hiring 3-4 separate cars for the group or joint family, large groups, or 5-6 couples, friends is not the best decision. If you wish to to be together during the journey hire a traveller now.                                                                                                                                                      
  • Space is Important: Where Innova, Toofan, Xylo or TUV300 could accommodate only 3-4 couple, a traveller can have 5-6 couples travel together. So it’s a bigger group travelling together.
  • Fun Filled Travelling: When all the passengers are together in one vehicle journey becomes much more fun filled as then they can play different games, sing songs etc. during the journey.
  • Most Comfortable Journey: Passenger cars - Innova or Toofan are not as comfortable as the traveller. Being a long vehicle and having extract comfort features such as luxury seats, the tempo makes the journey less tiresome.
  • Luggage space: If you are traveling in tempo traveller, then there is no shortage of space for luggage as it offers huge space, both inside th cabin, boot and even on the carrier.
  • Be a Maharaja sitting on Sofa seats: In Traveller, there are maharaja style sofa seats promising you the most comfortable journey you ever had.
  • A Blessing for Aged: Travelling in a Tempo is the best option for Old age people, patients as it not only offers comfort seating but space for equipment’s, and other accessories.
  • The Cheapest option: If you have budget constraints, tempo traveller can solve it as at a minimal price, it offers both luxury and comfortable drive.
  • Full of Luxury: Most luxurious seats, LED TV, charging points for the passengers besides, bottle holder, individual seat lights, recliner option, and lot other features make the traveller the best choice when it comes to luxury.
  • No Worries Journey: If you travel in groups in different cars, you end up paying multiple charges for toll and parking fees. But if the group is in a traveller, you need to pay toll charges and parking fees for only one vehicle.

extra feature
  • 10 Passengers
  • 10 Bag Capacity
  • USB/DVD Player Yes
  • Air conditioning AC
  • Car Colour White
  • Mobile Charger Yes
  • Price Km 20.00 / Km
  • Price Day 4500.00 / Day
  • Night Charge 300.00
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